Easy Bates is a simple program that stamps Bates numbers onto PDF, JPEG, and TIFF documents.

If you need to stamp only one or two PDF files, then many tools will do the job well.

If you need to stamp Bates numbers onto thousands of PDF, JPEG, and TIFF files, then Easy Bates will save you time, money, and frustration. It's many times faster and easier than all the other tools.

Easy Bates is flexible. It can add Bates numbers in 7 different fonts. It can add a text stamp along with the page number, and it can handle multi-line stamps. It can also avoid ever stamping over the existing contents of the document. If you need to stamp the hard-copy originals too, Easy Bates can print labels to make it easy.

Thousands of legal professionals rely on Easy Bates every day.

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