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Version History

On rare occaisons, after some documents were stamped by Easy Bates 4.0, Adobe Acrobat reported that the documents were corrupt. Easy Bates 4.2 fixes those issues so Acrobat never complains.
Easy Bates 4.0 is a major upgrade! Here's a list of improvements:
  • Stamps JPEG files too! Of course, it still stamps PDFs and TIFFs.
  • Accepts and stamps a larger variety of TIFF formats.
  • Accepts and stamps a larger variety of defective PDF documents.
  • Mac version 4 stamps PDF documents three times faster than version 3.
  • Documents stamped with Easy Bates 4 are smaller than documents stamped with Easy Bates 3.
  • Easy Bates was rebuilt from the ground up to be secure. Its kernel was rewritten in Rust.
Easy Bates 3.45 can stamp and fix some defective PDF documents. Earlier versions reported an error for the defective documents.
Bug fix: Easy Bates on Windows choked on file names containing international characters. Easy Bates on Mac never choked on international characters.
Fixed an incomplete progress bar, and a delay after clicking the Run button on Windows.
Added more label sheet templates.
Bug fix: Sometimes Easy Bates would crash after saving a document list.
Deep Undo - With earlier versions, sometimes Easy Bates could not find and remove Bates stamps, because other software had modified the document and destroyed the Bates stamp history. With version 3.12, Easy Bates is much better at finding and removing Bates stamps.
Bates Labels can now be printed in two layouts: across and down.
Easy Bates 3.00 stamps documents up to twice as fast as earlier versions on multi-core machines.
Added an API so programmers can automate Easy Bates.
Runs on Windows Vista.
Added advanced stamping and renaming features. Stamp can include Bates number, page number, document number, total number of pages, file name, etc.
Stamping PDFs is about 20% faster than earlier versions.
Added support for CaseMap 6, so it can now pull Bates stamp information from PDF documents stamped with Easy Bates.
By popular request, the "Rename Pages" options that were dropped in version 2.10 have been resurrected!
Added support for bad documents created by ScanSoft PDF Create! 2.
Also, stamping is a little faster than with earlier versions.
Added support for Optimized PDF documents, created by Acrobat versions 6 and greater.
You can now simply drag and drop files in the document list to reorder them.
Fixed a bug where columns where not sorting correctly when clicked.
Fixed bug where file size of TIFF documents would increase after being stamped.
Added support for Windows 98 and ME.
Added support for TIFF documents!
Activating via e-mail is now much easier.
Added support for tolerating and stamping defective PDF documents.
Created Mac version!
Added Bates label printing.